A Totes Presh Blogpost on Abreves



btw (prounounced b.t. dubs)
Lolz (pronounced lullz)
ROFL (prounouced roffel)
FBO (face-book offical)
DTR (define the relationship)
NBD (no big deal)

Quite honestly, I was introduced to this world of “abbrev” when I came to BYU, we take a picture, and Karina looks at it and says, “that’s totes presh.” (I’m not even sure if I’m spelling this “correctly”, abbrev or abreves, so I’ll just switch between the two… that might just prove my point even more!)
At first it I thought it was a joke, but no one was laughing and everyone just accepted “totes” as “totally” and “presh” as “precious.
And, embarassingly, I didn’t know what any of these meant. I remember asking my roommates, what does “nbd” mean? They laughed at me. No big deal. Hey, in high school there was hardly any pop culture, and I use real words, children 🙂 
A whole new world was opened up to me — changing normal words to just weird words, in a completely adolescent, strange, odd way.  They’re shortened words that sometimes have an s on the end.
I looked up abreves in urban dictionary, and this was the example they gave me. I thought it was totes presh. 😉

There’s an “The Abbrevs” Facebook page.  Apparently May 3rd is National Abbrev Day? Wow.
Some more abbrevs I discovered there are: (I provided interpretations for the illiterate, like me.)
Pleas. (for pleasure)
Drams (drama)
Brill (brilliant)
Ridic (ridiculous)
Diff (different)
I still have not succumbed to the abbreviations fad, (I only use them when I’m mocking people) but I find it quite hilar. lolz. Wait, I take that back. There is one word I say, which is “legit.” I should work on that.
Now I’m just being mean 🙂
As funny as it is, it kind of scares me. Where is our vocabulary going these days?  My generation’s ability to communicate is seriously declining…we can’t even use real words anymore.
It stems from texting, wanting to say so many words in as little characters as possible.  Which makes sense, but when we’re having face to face conversations, say “That’s totally precious.” (which sounds kind of weird) instead of “totes” presh. Actually “laugh out loud” or “roll on the floor laughing” when someone says something funny, don’t say lols.
Right now I just jokingly laugh at the abbreviations (hey, it makes for a good blog-post), but let’s hope we don’t take our addiction to our careers and families.

Comment if there’s any abreves I’ve forgotten 🙂

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