10 tricks to falling asleep (from an expert)


As anyone who knows me would say, I am a self-declared insomniac since I started college.  Over the years, I have picked up on a few tips that have really “helped” me get a better night’s rest.



1. Check every social media site you participate in before lying in bed.

2. Keep your phone on full volume in case anyone needs to get a hold of you. There could be an emergency.

3. Lie in bed making mental lists of everything you need to do the next day so you’re sure you’ll remember it the next morning.

4. Drink caffeinated soda, it helps get the sleep hormones active.

5. Watch a few episodes on Netflix.  Staring at screens tires your eyes and therefore you sleep more soundly. Science.

6. Do your work and study for class while in bed. Sleeping on it (literally) will help you remember more.

7. Think about all the people you have possibly offended, and think of ways you can apologize to them.

8. Have a constant background noise – like a ticking clock. Incessant ticking can ease your mind to sleep.

9. Stay comfortable by switching sides constantly. Try using two pillows. Try out new positions. Hold your breath periodically.

10. Release excess tension by blogging in the middle of the night. Get it off your chest & onto the web, you’ll sleep soundly 😉

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*Please note that I am not a doctor or licensed to do anything except drive. By doing the exact opposite of the tips and tricks written here, one might actually get a good night’s rest.  The content of this post is sarcastic.  This sentence is written for other people like me in the world who might get kind of confused.

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